Today, I want to touch one of the most sensitive topics that Africa, the continent of bountiful natural resources have been plagued with for ages.

This is not to suggest in anyway that probably other continents don’t enjoy their fair share of the problem, but to use this as a pointer to my fellow youth that we need to wake from our slumber and take the development of our continent to the world stage. In my local dialect it is often said that “Zeimana songa, zeiman baa n gbari’o” meaning it is only a generational dog that can hunt a generational rabbit.

Sometimes it may not be about the ability or will power but just simply lack of no how. To move our continent we need to contribute into its governance with the mindset of the modern world.

Meet Sebastian Kurz, he is 31 years old and he has become the world’s youngest head of government.

Austria on December 18, 2017 made history by electing the world’s youngest president who is 31 years old.
His name is Sebastian Kurz, he is just 31 years old.

Before these, he was the minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and he. A quick look at Kurz and where he came from as quoted from vox

The Austrians call him Wunderwuzzi — “the whiz kid.” He took over the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) in May. It was Kurz who called for snap elections in late spring, reading the political temperature and realizing the country was ripe for a political realignment toward the right.
Though the People’s Party has been around for decades, Kurz hit the party with an ambush makeover, bringing the party into the social media age. He even changed the party’s name from just the People’s Party to “The Sebastian Kurz list — The New People’s Party.” The party posters read, “Time for something new.”

That is the part that strikes my nerve. You will probably remember Einsteins famous saying that insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. Yes, this is exactly what we have been doing in most parts of Africa. We want to follow only what our fore fathers followed and that ain’t helping because those decisions lead us where we are today in the first place and I’m not sure we like it very much.

Some of us even think the best solution is to ran away to seek greener pastures elsewhere, but one thing is certain, home can’t ever be replaced. It is always important to build home. The only way we can build our homeland Africa is for we the youth to get involved with its growth. Lets make the decisions for our continent because it is the mellinnials that can make the decisions of the millinnium.

But what do we see here?

While we the youth of Africa are contented with being used, praise singers and Special assistants to politicians on social media, youths elsewhere are disrupting the status quo, pushing for innovation, changing the narrative and pushing for the new frontier.

From Facebook to Snapchat and Taxify, these tech giants were founded by millennials who are youths.
Mark Zukerberg is just 32 years old and the youngest billionaire in the world.

We think that because we are young there is not much we can do to change the fate of our continent but now, the bar has clearly been raised by Austria that elected a 31 years old man as its leader.

A 31 years old man in Africa is probably in his parents’ house, unemployed and broke, eating free food and not bothered.

The 31 old Africans are feeling big supporting politicians (who directly or indirectly put us in the mess we are in) on Facebook without seeing the nexus between the failed leadership and present unemployment predicament. We think the Gh 50, 5000 Naira, 8000 Shillings etc. are enough to change our fate of this self inflicted misery? Or we think that by serving as puppets to these group of politicians who think of anything but themselves is going to serve us right in the long turn?

One will weep for our youths many of whom are wasting away forgetting that time waits for no one.
The condition in Africa is not helping matters though, and then my generation is not ready to push for change.

Those who have bank jobs think they are on top of the world, forgetting that the owners of the banks were Billionaires at their age. As soon as they land a small job that pays them insults as salary, they are contented and then shut down their tools of continuous self development. They are not even interested again in what is going on in the world. They simply just shut off! You wont believe you will meet a 100 people of the ages of 20-34 and only 25% of them or less have ever heard the term cryptocurrency! Come on!

In no time the economic crises calls for lay offs and they begin to chew their fingers. What are they to rely on, what should they do? The pennies that was being content-fully taken as salaries could not even satisfy their needs talk less to be saved.

As if that is not enough they are buried in debt and they cant face it. This stress is enough to break you down and take your life because you didn’t take time to learn what you could do for yourself to break the dependence before it broke itself.
1 (1).jpg

The women get married and drive their husband’s cars and think they have arrived. They think the world must bow right before them. Oh, come on, really?
I ask myself and other young people reading this, what are you doing with your life?
Are you happy with the way you are at the moment? What are you doing to push for true change?

Are we learning new things everyday? are we ready to look beyond the mindset the formal education has imposed on us? Are we ready?
to stop letting the ‘A’ to ‘E’ grades judge our worth? How about we go out and do something real? How about we get innovative?

Did you ask what if you tried and failed? Of course you may and will fail, but who doesn’t?

You think Mark Zurkerberg just woke up and built Facebook and bingo he was a billionaire!!? He tried many things and you only didn’t hear of them because they were not successful…

One wise man once told me, Kannde, you don’t need to always be right, you just need to be right once and the 1000 times you were wrong doesn’t matter anymore.
Let’s think about this, bye!

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