If you have been around social media of late, I think one thing you cannot miss is the BlueFilm movie directed by the multiple award winning director Prince Dovlo. At first glance I said to myself, aah!!, what movie is that one too? A  movie titled BlueFilm, is that one too a movie?              But after a few hours I came across it again, and again so I decided to take a look at it closely.BlueFilm

As the adage goes, there is no smoke without fire. The first thing that struck my attention was the director. You cannot miss the name if you are a fan of the Ghanaian media front especially with regards to videos and movies. Enough of this long talk, lets see what is in it for us.

What is BlueFilm?

It’s a Seventh Street Media movie

Directed by the multiple award wining director Prince Dovlo.

They are coming to Tamale, yes! Tamale. In recent times Tamale has become the centre of entertainment so every big thing must hit our city.

Seventh  Street Media is collaborating with Reality of Life Entertainment, to premiere the trending movie in Tamale.bluefilm poster

In an interview with the head of communications for Reality life entertainment Mohammed Faisal  he said

“They are collaborating with us to premier the movie but I think it is something the people of Tamale deserve. Everything good must come here”

It’s on Saturday, 18th November, 2017 at the Radach Lodge and Conference Centre.

Bluefilm presents in Tamale

The cast and crew will be coming down

It’s a hilarious movie with the top comedians in Ghana at the moment staring in it.

Two friends Lawyer Ntim of Kejetia vs Makola and Clemento Suarez are sought to be in love with the same girl, Serwa Opoku-Addo of the YOLO fame.

Comedian SDK and his parents too battle amongst themselves as to who is the most foolish.

In simple terms, you cannot miss this for anything on the 18th of November!

I will be there myself for the event

You can get the advance tickets at Paranjani Mobile Phones, Opposite central Mosque, Tamale.

It is like the Takai Dance of the Dagombas -No dull moments! Come one, come all!!

BlueFilm Movie premiering in Tamale
Radach Hotel and Conference Centre, Tamale, UDS ROAD,Northern Region
Starting on
November 18, 2017
Ending on
November 18, 2017
Offer Price
Cedes 30
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