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This is Abdul Wahab M Kannde. Too long a name right?

 Keep calm and Worry less!

I know you are awesome so let’s just go with Ehm Kannde

Ehm Kannde in Traditional wear

This is me

Ehm Kannde is a Medical Laboratory scientist by profession, currently undertaking his professional doctorate training at the University for Development Studies. He may be one of the best upcoming scientists in Ghana but his passions spills everywhere.

An entrepreneur at the core he is an alumni of the prestigious Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) where he undertook training in entrepreneurship at the Regional Leadership training centre, West Africa, Accra. He also took training on Digital skills: Digital Marketing with Accenture Digital -Dublin, Ireland and more entrepreneurship training with Adansonia–Bocconi University, Italy.

He co-founded an online retail company -Afrobata  and currently serves as the brand manager for the newest in town fashion and consumer electronics eCommerce start-up which presents an innovation more suited for the African environment than any other existing eCommerce platform and they say it is a start-up to keep an eye on.

Ehm Kannde is also a founding member of several community based projects including Youth Guidance Advocacy and Strategic Initiative for Peace Building as part of his dedication to community service. He also founded Starna Farms in 2015 that is into yam production with the aspiration of providing education and support to the local farmers in the near future.

He is a speaker and known for his obsession with enthusing the youth to take action. He is an active advocate for evidence based medical care and has organised several outreach programs for hepatitis B screening and vaccination. As a medical scientist Ehm Kannde speaks on venereal diseases on his social media outlets. He is also a patient rights activist and he thinks patients rights are the most abused hence the need for more stringent measures to curb that.

Before I go let me inform you that Ehm Kannde also happens to be a relationship expert and a writer and has published a book titled: When you want to DATE any GIRL. You can get the book on Amazon or on ITunes

Well, I am back! Guess he was boring you with all that plenty talk.

If you asked me who I am I’d say I’m a humanitarian. I am a youth advocate and I’m all about passion!

That is why I’m here to help you find your passion and show you how to discover and harness you passion and make money doing what makes you happy.

Ehm Kannde believes everyone deserves to be happy and make money doing what they like, you inclusive.

So If you are also looking for;

  •  A way to brand yourself to the cooperate world
  •  The direction to take after the graduation party
  •  Ways to keep yourself healthy and strong
  •  Grow and develop yourself in the digital world
  •  Career guidance as a student or school leaver
  •  A way to develop your entrepreneurial passion

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