It was a thunderous evening at the Bokum Boxing Arena in the Nation’s capital. The 2017 VGMA New Artist of the Year just can’t stop setting the standards higher for even the veteran artists.

In his song Fancy Gadam said he was a local champion but now a nation’s champion and intends to reach out to the world with his incredible talent. For followers of his music his words are prophetic. He sings his progress even before it happens and a deep understanding of some of his tracks provoke tears.

Fancy gadam at bokum boxing arena

External view of the Bokum Boxing Arena

But at the Bokum Boxing Arena, it was an entirely different story. It was about portraying his new national figure, about showing himself to the world and about setting the pace for the music industry of Ghana. It was about telling the northern story. In an earlier article I stated how it has always been too frustrating for the northern based musicians as they are often left out on the nation’s entertainment events. Fancy Gadam set out to change that and he is doing it far above expectations.

fancy gadam and sarkodie

Fancy Gadam and Sakordie at the Tamale Sports Stadium

The concert started a bit late  due to lapses in power supply at the arena. This happened because that was the first time the venue was hosting an event of this magnitude. The Bokum Boxing Arena officially known as the Trust Sports Emporium has a 4000-seater open air arena. But for the stage sensational 4000 is not just enough, more than 5,000 advanced tickets were already sold out prior to the event.  

Fancy Gadam concert at the Trust Emporium Stadium

Fancy Gadam concert at the Trust Emporium Stadium

This numbers makes news not because it is new for the artist but because of the venue. This event came immediately after his mega concert at Tamale almost filling up the entirety of the Tamale Sports stadium.

The minister for tourism , director for creative arts , minster for local government, deputy minister for tourism and many other prominent individuals were in attendance to witness history being made. Dagbon chief of play (Dema Naa ) Chief Awal was there to represent the northern traditional authority.

Fancy Gadam

The supporting artists consisting of  Mo Qid, Gariba, Rudeboy Ranking, Nia Funny And Sariki from the south and SKY, Sister Z , Lamalee , Abu Sadick , Nandos and Diva 1 from North raised the bar for Fancy Gadam with their impeccable stage roar. It was exactly 10 pm when the stage sensational mounted the platform. It was literally thunderous.  Gadam literally brings life to any stage he appears on. He is described in the Dagbani dialect as ‘Demdigonate’ meaning the Play king because of his incredible dancing skills coupled with the mesmerising tune of his music.

Fancy Gadam on stage at the Accra International Conference Centre

Fancy Gadam on stage at the Accra International Conference Centre

Speaking with Hassan Al Hassan, a key member of the management  the Gadam Nation  brand he had this to say

Well it was a great feeling I would say .. we are making a case for the north so the south can hear us all .. this was a success because you guys (bloggers) and the media helped a lot and the fan base as usual came out in their numbers . Fancy Gadam and the whole team are grateful .. tell the world the new religion( Gadam Nation) is here to stay.

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