The Second edition of the Ghana Youth Entrepreneurship Program (GYSEP) is coming to an end following a two-month training (together with an impact related online course) by DOT.  GYSEP is a program from a partnership between  GhanaThink Foundation and Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT).

The program consist of 20 selected (budding) social entrepreneurs alongside 4 GhanaThink members. These participants were chosen from across Ghana.  You can learn more about the program via the #GYSEP2018 hashtag.
GYSEP 2018 members GYSEP 2018 cohort
The final two-days of the program scheduled for August 11-12 involves a pitching event which   would be from 5-9 pm on Sunday at Impact Hub Accra. The good news is that the organizers have opened their doors to the public during this final event. If you want to support any of the participants during their pitching or you  want to hear some great pitches and learn more about how to pitch your own ideas or for your organisation, you are welcome to attend this event.

This is free to attend but you need to register via registration link on EgoTickets – it is a free event It would also be a great place to network.

If you live in Accra close to Osu, I will recommend you attend this event as it will be educative, interactive and mostly lively and fun. Be there!


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