The issue of the “Libyan slavery” broke out when CNN released videos of people buying and selling largely economic migrants from other African countries trying to cross to enter Europe though Italy. This however is not something of today; the problem has been with us for ages largely due to greed of African leaders.

The media have been flooded with the stories of the suffering migrants but I think the problem has been labeled wrongly and when a problem is labeled with a wrong definition by world political quangos, the ultimate intent is usually to hide the truth, obscure the solution or resolution from common human understanding and prolong the sufferings inflicted upon victims on the receiving end. May be the United Kingdom does not want the world to see its contribution towards the big issue.

The UK did not directly cause mass migration from Africa, nor forced, for example; citizens of Nigeria to walk through the desert, when in fact Nigeria remain relatively a peaceful country; but European government, in a covert and unregulated collaboration with certain militant groups in Libya, created the blockage which prevented African migrants from travelling any further from Libya. If you stand on a mountain in certain parts of Italy or Spain you can easily see North Africa across the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya all these African countries provide gateways to Spain or Italy.

The easiest footpath for West African migrants from countries like Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria is through the desert which leads straight to Libya as the first terminal. See the map below. The Mediterranean Sea links Libya by boat or a dingy to the nearest European country which is Italy. Hundreds of thousands of West African migrants have successfully done the crossing only to become stranded in Italy. But the biggest problem Italian government is having is that hundreds of thousands more migrants have perished in the sea when their weak, unsafe and overloaded dingy boats capsized.

The Mediterranean sea

Italian Sea Rescue Services have been overtly stretched to exhaustion in recent years having to clean and clear the ocean of dead bodies washed up the shores of Italy. The European Union Commission has reportedly failed to support Italy financially for the welfare accommodation of the migrants who survived the journey or proper disposal of the bodies of the dead. No African government has come to the aid of Italy either, even though it was their citizens who are victims of this preventable perilous migration journeys. European governments were also facing another mass migration crisis created by the war in Syria.

Way from Syria to Italy


Migrants who fled Syria often travel through Turkey to Grease and end up in Italy or through Jordan. Migrants are welcomed in Italy, processed and distributed across other European countries. Germany took in the largest number of the war refugees from Syria; a kind gesture which nearly crumbled the government and political career of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and still paying the price after the recent German election. The migrants landing in Italy; they are categorized as economic migrants from Africa who travel via Libya and war migrants from Syria who travel via Greece, but none was directly accepted by the British government as they claim not to be part of the European Union Immigration Chapter, therefore not obliged to accept migrants or refugees directly from Europe.

The British immigration rule is that migrants must claim refugee in their first country of landing, and that, in this case is Italy again. After a lot of propaganda accusing the UK of not being supportive of the migrants, they decided to accept a handful of war crisis migrants from Syria and began to wage a war on the economic migrants from Africa. They claimed that economic migrants had no reason to leave their peaceful countries; and rightly so; it sounds logical in any sense. But the preventative measures applied by the British government in collaboration with Italian Sea Rescuers and Libya militant groups resulted in the ongoing operation of concentration camp of Africans in Libya, which is now wrongly and deceptively labeled and widely published as slave trade.

Route from Libya to Italy

There is no sitting government in Libya since the death of Gaddafi, so it is unknown what to call the gun wielding operators of the concentration camps in Libya; they are anything but slave traders. It’s not like the migrants were captured in Africa and brought to be enslaved or sold to slave merchants who are waiting in Libya, these migrants had their journeys blocked halfway by the order of the British government. They could not travel any further because the illegal people traffickers themselves are being arrested and prosecuted in Libya; they have had their boats seized or blown up before sailing.Again the migrants could not return back to their countries because they have had their possessions stolen by the traffickers.

The next available ‘flight’ for the migrants is the Auschwitz style concentration camp where they are being beaten, maltreated, shot or starved to death on a daily basis. Is that slave trading?
Many of the West African governments have failed in their duty to their citizen to rescue these migrants.

The story on CNN  paints the true picture but without emphasis on the real problem. We however owe it to them for busting the story open to international realm of awareness. Where is the unity of the African Union? Where is the ECOWAS? What has the governments of West Africa done to solve the economic difficulties that lead the youth on to dangerous routes such as this? When will citizens mean something to African countries?

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