It is unfortunate that I have to start this article with my condolences to the Bediako family. May the Almighty give them the strength to handle this unfortunate act of hatred and wickedness. Nothing can bring back or replace their loss and we sympathize with them. Bimbilla weeps with you.

What is becoming of this once most peaceful traditional area? Where did we go wrong? is this the path to take? It is indeed heavy on my heart as I tried putting words together to express what I really feel right now. For those that this may be news to, I will narrate exactly what happened as I’ve gathered in connection with the sad sudden demise of a mother of Nanung.

It should be noted that this is what I was able to gather with regard to the incidence. I was engrossed in chemical pathology books yesterday because I had to take an examination today and as a personal tradition I was closed to communications of all kinds.

At around 8 to 9 pm a friend called me, he wanted to know if there was something going on in Bimbilla. I was terrified and quickly went onto Whatsapp to find out. I had the reassurance that nothing was going on. I calmed down and went right back into my books.

Early today I was briefed of the events that took place last night.                                                              I was informed that a bush fire caught up with and burned some ammunition that was buried in the bush and the gun powder caught fire giving rise to some kind of sounds that mimicked the sound of gunshots. This as I understand brought about panic in town.

But few minutes after the incidence, calm was restored when the public learnt of the actual happening. There was no shooting of any kind between the two conflicting factions.At least not to the knowledge of the public. Fact is that if the Nanung traditions are anything to go by, it is highly prohibited to fight at night even during war.

Unfortunately for the family of Mr Bediako the story was different. It was early this morning that I learnt of the unfortunate demise of Mr Bediako’s wife and injury of his daughter. Apparently at the time of the chaos created by the accidental fireworks , she was shot by an unknown person(s). I wished I could  narrate more but that is all I can account for.

What have we learnt from this unfortunate event?

My eyes were filled with tears as the leaders of both factions took turns to condemn the act and empathized with the bereaved family. For the first time I could see something positive in the demeanor of the public in response to the incident. I saw that the people were seriously touched devoid of factions. I could see that the people wished things were different.

It is however not enough to be sorry for what has happened if we  are still inclined to plying the roads that has led us here. It is obvious that this was an act of hatred at personal level and the act was only an expression of what the perpetrator(s) had been holding deep down waiting for the chance. But what can any human do to deserve this level of hatred?

If we have different traditional ideologies is that enough to wish death for one another let alone carry it out? It is sad. We need to know as a people that truth is a matter of perspective. What you see as  your truth is with regards to your own point of view and you have to be ready to understand that someone else could be looking at it at another angle.

Lets put this to perspective with the famous story of the father, son and car. While a man was polishing his new car, his 4 year old son picked a stone (apparently); and ‘scratched’ lines on the side of the car.

In anger, the man took the child’s hand and hit it many times not realizing he was using a wrench. At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures.. When the child saw his father… with painful eyes, he asked.”Dad when will my fingers grow back?”

The man was so hurt and speechless. He went back to his car and kicked it many times. He realized the child was only using his hands to scribble  “I LOVE YOU DAD” on the car. He was devastated by his own actions but we all know his son was never going to get his own fingers back.

Fact is that she was writing on the car but the perspective that angered the father was not the perspective he saw after breaking off his son’s fingers.

As I mentioned in an earlier article, it is very okay to have disputes but what defines us is how we choose to resolve these disputes. How can we feel safe ever again in Bimbilla when every small cloud leads to loss of lives. You may think you are killing one man or woman but remember, that is someone’s whole world. Your wicked act has a life long of devastating consequences.

Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

Let the death of Alhassan Rihanatu (40) be a sacrifice to bring us back to our mind. The only way we can honor her death is to make sure it never happens again. It is important that we as a people move away from any negative solidarity of covering issues in the name of chieftaincy factions. This is obviously a criminal case and should be treated as such.

Bimbilla can get back to what it was only if we are ready to go pass that bullshit called factions…black bat, white bat or bat of any color is bullshit if there is no one to rule over. How can we continue to do this to ourselves whiles real problems of poverty and diseases are staring us right in the faces?

Peace summit in Bimbilla

I think I should stop here with our traditional saying in the local dialect ”Ni baa bi dimdi o bii pari kobili”-A dog does not bite her puppy to the bone. We are the same people and it is vital not to forget that. I was not around but I know people of both factions had to come together to put her to rest. Lets take lessons from this unfortunate barbaric act and become better people. Let her death be honored by making it impossible for anyone to take our vulnerable state as a hiding ground for such crimes.

Bimbilla will rise again! share this and let it reach every son or daughter of Nanung Kingdom.

Hope for tomorrow; Bimbilla on the move
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Hope for tomorrow; Bimbilla on the move
Short moment of chaos in bimbilla township led to the demise of a woman which has thrown the whole town to state of empathy. This articles seeks to narrate the story and call on the people to learn lessons from this unfortunate incident and resolve to take steps to see peace back in the land.
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