You know I only bring you the best, this time it is the inspirational poetry show to happen live in Tamale at the University for Development Studies. It is a program with a track record of engaging, entertaining and educating and to sum it up, epic. Well, let me stop here and let what the spoken word king do what he does best, enjoy:

The inspirational poetry show is a spectacular show to inspire, educate, entertain and combat injustice. The first edition of this show (14th October 2017) was the first poetry show ever in the history of Tamale. Despite the downpour that night, the show recorded over 500 audiences to a point some had to stand. It was spectacular but this year’s edition promises to be more spectacular as it also comes with dinner.

The inspirational poetry show, also known as Tips is an outstanding poetry show based on its objectives and the uniqueness of the themes behind every performer’s piece. The date for this year’s edition will be on the 13th October 2018 at the UDS Tamale Campus new auditorium, 7pm sharp to 9pm.

We are contributing to some of the UN sustainable development goals with our creativity. Some of our poetry performers will have their performances focused on the SDG 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 16. This is a universal call to action and hence we deem it imperative to contribute with our creativity. Aside poetry performances, there will be cultural display, stage play, Art display and comedy. There is no dull moment in our shows.

“Traumaidol” is one of the most anticipated activities on the eve of the second edition of The inspirational poetry show with I.M Saani. Traumaidol is an original play by I.M Saani, directed by Olayemi Huby. This stage play exposes myriad incidences brutalizing society and its implications on the youth. This title sounds into the mind of the reader like Tramadol, the abuse of opioid drug without the prescription of a Doctor but this goes beyond what one would be thinking.

To unveil a little about the concept of the title of this play, “Traumaidol” is a combination of “Trauma” and “idol”. There is a story behind every drug abuser and there is addiction in everything. People go through a lot in society. At least once in a lifetime, one goes through trauma, which has been triggered by an incidence and this state of emotion controls the victims way of life. At a certain point, he or she experiencing trauma tends to succumb to this emotion in a way a worshiper of an idol would do. When trauma becomes an idol, the enormous consequences are tragic.

This stage play will display the best of creativity for our audience to realize what actually is killing us. If the abuse of tramadol is becoming epidemic, what are the root causes that influenced the victim? If fraudsters operate in society, what pushed them? The goal of this play is to trigger behavior change for the betterment of society. Every letter of the title of this play relates to some scenes in this play and thus Tragedy, Reality, addiction, Utopia, Malady, Adversity, Indiscipline, Danger, Obscene, Lessons.

We therefore admonish all and sundry to patronize this upcoming project/goal. Let us get involved in this worthy cause. There will be networking, free photoshoot and amazing prizes for our audience. For sponsorship or to support this cause, please contact I.M Saani on 0542044890. Kindly follow us for more updates.

God bless our homeland Ghana, and make our nation great and strong.

Written by
I.M Saani
(Host, The Inspirational Poetry Show)

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