Are there really gone? Well, some die-hard investors in the BoostPal ponzi-scheme still believe there is a big ‘technical’ problem and that they will be back to pay their users and continue to operate.

The economic hardship coupled with high unemployment rate make the youth an easy target for schemes like this. After MM, DKM and other ponzi schemes ran broke down one would have imagined that people be more careful about investment wrapped up in gold packages. They say if it is too good to be true its mostly isn’t and this was true with BoostPal.

For readers who do not know what BoostPal was/is. They claim they presents a new era of video monetization paying close to GH₵ 2 for just 30 seconds of video time. However, users whom they referred to as partners were to buy packages which allowed them a specific number of videos to watch in a day allowing them to earn as much as 500 to 1000 Ghana cedes depending on the number of people referred.

Boostpal soon became the talking point among the youth. Countless number of people joined with as high as GH₵ 5000+ into the company that had no single face to it. There were lots of red flags surrounding the scheme but who cares about red flags when the system was paying huge sums every Tuesdays and Fridays?


After introducing what they termed the “Diamond Edition” users anticipated the scheme was yet to hit its maximum but the disappointment hit when users requested withdrawals on Friday the 26th. The BoostPal team claimed the payout volumes were too high hence they needed to pay i batches. They announced this on their platform as well as the Facebook page.

Users woke up to the disappointing morning after supposedly successful withdrawal. BoostPal operated with country representatives but this time the reps were just as shocked as the other users.  They came back with an apology and a promise to complete payouts until their site completely went offline together with their Facebook page.

Their site has been off for about 2 days now and some users still believe they will come back. Is it a faith of desperation? Who is to contact and who is to blame? I guess most of their users knew this day would come.

Is there ever the genuine way to make money online? Well, from a personal experience there are lots of systems but before you do any investment you need to have your personal checklist.

Is BoostPal really gone?


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