Last week I wrote on the Ponzi scheme “BoostPal”. In the article I mentioned why the youth is the easy target as most are either unemployed or schooling. A lot of people still asked me if BoostPal will be back, a question I have no answer to.  Join me in this article as I share my experience making money online and how I went about it from the beginning to this point.

So many people have asked me in the pass as to how to make legitimate money online. Most often, the work and dedication required to make legitimate money online derive most away after a few trials but a sustainable online business can be a life saver especially for we the youth. Others resort to scamming and other dubious ways of making money online but most of these is not sustainable and most people caught in this trap live lavishly but for a short time.

In this era, information is the most valuable asset. With the right information, you will not have to over struggle to make money online. I cannot say I have the answers but I do have some experience with online earning and I want to throw some light on my personal experience with this write up.

While at the medical school my interest on making money online only got stronger because life was not all cozy. It came to a time when calling for money from parents became tough and even if I did, I definitely wouldn’t get as required. I tried all sought of legitimate online stuff including freelance writing, paid surveys, counselling (haha), relationship expert (lol) and many others. At a point I even tried drop shipping but none was easy and  the income was quite negligible.

At a point I had to give up on online money and focus on building something offline. This is a normal Ghanaian young man with no politician as a father or even an uncle so how was I to get money for offline startup? I stayed for a while just focusing on studies but the knowledge could not stop my pangs of hunger. I had to find a way to make money…..

I tried online network marketing with a jewelry company known then as Global World Trade. The investment was 169 Canadian dollars and I had someone online (a Facebook friend) who helped me with the investment. Unfortunately the company was just too hard to sell cost their items were quite expensive. A belt for $400? I had no chance at selling it. I gave up without making a penny from that investment and I grew to resent network marketing because of my experience.

I finally got introduced to the cryptocurrency world…….             How did I get here?

Well, I started online branding course where I learnt to promote my own personality before promoting any product. I started my site for that matter and ended up becoming an active blogger. Prior to this, I had had some experience with blogging and google adsense but I didn’t make much money from adsense until a friend of mine told me of a platform known as Steemit.

This was me during a Steemit promotion at the University for Development Studies

Steemit was a platform where you blogged and made substantive amount of money. My first few articles on the platform did not earn me anything…. Just some $0.01. Then one day I wrote an article that hit the hot page for days and I made a lot of dollars…. It was around $2,500. So much for an article right?

It is not the money from Steemit that left me grateful to the platform but the people I met and the kind of information I was exposed to. I got to read a lot on crypto and had a lot of hands on experience trading cryptocurrency. I made a lot of money at the beginning of my trade but I quickly got carried away because I had no mentor. I was learning the hard way. I made some mistakes and lost a lot of money. I also got scammed via an investment around a $1000. The money I made online helped in starting medical company offline.

Well, this article is not about me but I just want any reader to have my background  before going ahead to read about the opportunity I could not resist.

I am Dr. Kannde, a 24 years old Medical Laboratory Scientist with focus on entrepreneurship and investment. I have a thing for guiding my fellow youth to financial awareness.  Lack of funds limits us and I think in order to be able to do anything you need a source of funding.

May be you have gone through what I went through trying to find a way out on your own or you are just starting out. I hope this opportunity can help you find your way. I found a crypto based investment after I started my company Starnalabs.

One day as I was selling some $1000 worth of Bit coin in an escrow group on WhatsApp I met this guy. He bought my coins and was buying a lot more which got me curious. I poked further about it and got exposed to what I called the opportunity of a lifetime. I realized this was what I had been looking for all along. Crypto investment that gives you a chance to build a huge online revenue stream without much hustle. It is call LEO (Learn Earn Own).

If you read this and got interested or you want to know more about this opportunity you can text me via contact form or direct chat from our chat pop up….. I will personal guide you to establish an online revenue source with which you can build your offline business. It is a time of economic hardship but there is always a way out. Join the cryptocurrency stream and thank me later.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Leave a comment, contact me or whatever, point is, you have to get in touch. Let’s talk and build together.

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