I asked a lady this question, “do looks matter?” Her reply was rather blank and anticipated. “I don’t think looks really matter but the personality, intelligence or integrity  bla bla” she said. I did not really care much about anything she said again because frankly she was not attractive herself.

Just before you judge me take a look. Perhaps you’re a believer of the old adage ‘it’s not the looks but what’s on the inside that counts’. Well, unless you mean the inside of one’s wallet, I’m afraid looks do matter, and they matter a lot. Good looks bring a lot of advantages, in fact, I’ve heard some people are so good looking they get to have sex for free! lol

Not convinced? Here’s a short list of privileges that research have shown to be enjoyed by attractive people. As always, whether or not something made my list is partially based on how interesting I found the fact to be, but mostly determined by my ability to come up with a joke on the subject matter.

                                           Admit it, you instinctively delayed he above didn’t you?

Advantages Enjoyed by Attractive People

Annoyingly, research shows that attractive people are seen as more trustworthy, more intelligent, more healthy and more attractive than less attractive people. It does not matter what you voice out but the subconsciousness does the thinking for you.

Scientist theorize attractive children are more likely to be healthier which partially explains why parents instinctively give more attention to attractive children than their less attractive counterparts. I wouldn’t say my brother is any more attractive than me, but mom and dad certainly favored him growing up, probably because he didn’t resemble the postman as much as the rest we did.

Attractive men are less likely to be found guilty in criminal proceedings by judges and members of the jury. However, this sort of balances out because if convicted, they’re more likely to have trouble holding onto their soap in the prison showers.

A study has found that even very young children prefer to play with kids who were more attractive. The same group of researchers are now exploring whether this also holds true for Catholic priests.

attractive child vs an ugly oneCome on, be honest, who’s hair are you more likely to stroke? haha, let’s not argue on this please.

Teachers give preferential treatment to more attractive students. Well, the reciprocal is certainly true as well; I mean who didn’t fantasize about hooking up with their hot arts teacher? lol, back at school; of course a boys school, come on unless the boy had no eyes.   

Attractive women are 36% chance more likely to land a job than those who are less attractive but equally qualified. That’s so unfair: of course if friends mistaken you for a boy. Same is true with guys. Back at school I knew I was more qualified for a lot of positions, not to say I am not attractive though ‘smile’

Similarly, attractive men are paid more on average, which is pretty unfair if you think about it, because they’re also the ones who are more likely to get a discount at the brothel than the rest of us.

It’ll come as no surprise then, that being attractive helps political candidates win over voters. They call it charisma Which must then imply that the only thing that can adequately compensate for being born with a face like an orangutan’s scrotum is having the wits of Albert Einstein.

How about you? Do looks really matter to you? for me I don’t really care, just to be clear, I am a guy. Getting laid might not be a big deal for me and if your wallet looks obese you should not have to care either. 

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