As social beings we all need a little help from each other and no one is an island.

At the workplace, at home, in school, at parties, in fact everywhere you go, you are expected to establish one kind of relationship or the other. Either you are a teacher or a doctor; you need to establish rapport between you and the clients you serve.

Your social needs require you to be able to establish and keep relationships in order to live fit in.

Almost every single thing we want in life from how to choose the subjects to study in school to getting the right job, from asking a girl out to proposing marriage; can be made easy by connecting with the right people the right way.
Either you are a new CEO or the sales person of an organisation; you constantly need the right connections.

Establishing a new connection with opposite sex on a personal level has always been a problem for many people especially guys. This is mostly due to fear of rejection. Humans are ego-driven beings hence we tend to shy away from any action or exposure that threatens our ego.

It is often said that a man would prefer to literally wrestle a bull to prove to an attractive woman how brave he is than to simply tell her his feelings.

Unfortunately, we all need healthy relationships for a good quality life.

“However successful you are, there is no substitute for a close relationship. We all need them” ~Francesca Annis

The good news is that being a people’s person is a skill which can be learned and taught.

Ehm Kannde is not formally educated in the area of relationships but he used his observational skills to completely transform his rather timid beginning to an out-going personality that he is today. He has refined the steps he took and ready to teach it to others.
Kannde published his first book titled: WHEN YOU WANT TO DATE ANY WOMAN which is available on Amazon, ITunes, Lulu and other prominent online bookshelves.

He is not interested in selling the book as he is in helping people overcome tendencies to hold back when there is a need to establish any form of relationship.

He teaches the art of;

Starting and keeping small talk, establishing rapport at work, spicing up relationships, killing the dull moments, becoming a people’s person and more.

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