On my search for the upcoming young influencers from the northern region I came across a young man with the screen name I.M SAANI THE POET, a spoken word artist. I am not a very good fan of poetry but the elegance of this young man awakened my love for spoken word poetry.

I.m saani the poet

I.M Saani the poet doing what he does best.

I first had the opportunity to enjoy his work at a wedding ceremony I had attended and “I was impressed” will honestly be an under statement. I  followed his work at a couple of events before his last poetry show at the ICC, UDS Tamale campus.

Why am I writing plenty? let me allow the poet do what he does best. Read and be inspired to follow your dreams no matter the current circumstances but most importantly enjoy yourself with the words:

saani the poet


I have a story to tell. You may not hear my voice but may be poised to give your dreams a voice.

I realised my talent in may 2015, it came like an accident. I was Passionate about inspiring the Muslim woman to keep up to wearing the hijab. I could best do this by writing and sharing on social media.

A day came, I decided to search for what the Qur’an and Bible spoke about the woman’s veil, I felt assuaged and baffled at the same time. The Qur’an assuage me with verses and the Bible served me verses which I hardly expected. These scriptures admonish and commands the woman to cover her beauty. Behind the veil is a beautiful creature whose beauty must be preserved.

After been fed with some spice of knowledge, an idea came to mind of writing my message in a form of poetry rather than an essay. I had no knowledge of this art neither did I fancy. Fortunately, I read a poetry book by my Brother in-law(who is a mentor) in order to get a gist.

It wasn’t easy starting, but something pushed me and thus passion. I tried and I failed not. I wrote my first poem(Hijab, The modest muslimah)

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~Harriet Tubman

Passion is like rain that feeds a budding plant. Knowledge is an ocean that never gets dry. I feel fulfilled for realising my potential. I was a science student who had nothing to do with this art then. I have come to realise poetry is an art that soothes the heart. If I am to choose between poetry and the programme at school, I will offensively choose the two.

I kept writing poems almost everyday. Poetry made me confident and I have gained some experiences which will not end.

Last year I had a weird idea of organising a poetry show. I cooked this idea in my mind’s eye, spiced it with passionate intention and worked towards. I told those so close about what I intended to initiate, some of them said these words, “You are doing the right thing at the wrong time” , “What do you have to do this” , “I can’t waste my resources”

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” ~Pele

But there was something that made me move on because I was the only one who could believe what I perceived. I grasped hope, prayer became my state of mind and hard work, my attitude. I never lost hope, when I tried to, I remembered my quote, “I don’t know how to give up but give out” so I moved on. It came a time that friction was great but the passion took over. I felt the growing pain of making several follow up but I didn’t give up.

I faced a lot of challenges, it made me grow, patient and strong. I got the confidence of not listening to the belittlers’ gospel. I knew what I wanted to achieve.
I always made sure I moved with my three friends( Prayer, hope and hard work). They inspired me a lot.

“Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.” ~Tena Desae

In may this year, I took part in a regional slam competition. I am the type who does not fancy challenging anyone but myself. I challenge myself by yearning to achieve what I perceive. That idea in your mind is worth than gold, be bold to face the challenges, it is worth.

I worked with my three friends(prayer, hope and hard work) and I emerged first. The final competition came in September, and I won again as the Ehalakasa Slam champion, 2017. Glory be to God, shame to the devil.

My dream of achieving my show was to make it spectacular, not just a poetry show but a show embedded with the art of spoken word, comedy, drama, music and motivational talks. Each art had a spice to assuage our audience.

Excepts from the I.m saani the poet show

Excepts from the event

I faced challenges of getting sponsors to ease my financial burden, but I didn’t give up, neither did I go for loan but God alone saw me through.

My first show, The Inspirational Poetry Show became a great success. There was no dull moment, the audience filled the venue, others had to stand. If you missed it, Let the attendees narrate to you the history we made but that will not feed your eyes, inspire your heart or entertain you much!

The Inspirational Poetry Show

Excepts from the show night

I am so grateful to the Almighty for not letting me down, to some of my sponsors who ward of my burden, my great dedicated team, and to my audience who showed up. Undoubtedly, we served you with the best art of poetry, music, comedy, drama, and many others! I love you all😘


Thank you

I.M Saani the Poet

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  1. May Allah see you through. I. M saani the budding poet you are one of the most influential people I ever came across.

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