My first challenge with public speaking was at my first year in the medical school when I was serving as the Public Relations Officer for my association and had to introduce the program with a presentation of the events of the preceding academic year.

After only a few hours of practice there I was in front with a little over 400 ears waiting to feed from my words and an equal number of eyes fixated on me and my material for the presentation. I must say, at a point I felt like running away as I stood there waiting for the mike.

On one hand I was filled with enthusiasm to present the material I had spent hours preparing and on the other side with fear of messing up on the stage. Soon I was handed the mike and my legs quivered as I moved to begin my presentation. I could feel my voice quaver as I tried to force some sound out of my vocal cords. Then I remembered what I had read about public speaking, I paused, took a deep breath and started and before I knew it I was on the “Thank you” page as sounds of applause hit my ears and brought me back to reality. I was done.

It has been 5 years since that experience but my presentation prowess today is as a result of the lessons of that day. As Albert Einstein rightly said it “The only source of knowledge is experience”.


Today everything has gone digital, yes, now you can find and buy a needle online and if you have a question about your great grandparents the best place to find answers is the internet.The internet since its inception has transformed significantly how everything works, from getting a soul mate to granting a job interview online, the evidence suggests the trend has come to stay. In fact the internet itself is fast evolving and internet users of 5 years ago will struggle to keep up with its functionality today. The internet means information and when people have the right information the world grows. Today more than ever we are exposed to staggering volumes of information but how much of the ‘right’ information do the youth of Ghana are being able to access? Can we do something about it?

After his training in digital skills: Digital marketing Kannde decided teach about the opportunity within the internet to the youth. And now he is  ready to teach it to your audience too.



1. How to build your brand online.

2. How to use your online presence to build useful professional connections

3. The internet as a hub of opportunities for career development

4. How to find the right information on the internet.

5. How to make legitimate money online writing short stories

His core topics are:

Digital presence: – How to utilise the opportunities the internet provides to establish yourself and move closer to your dreams.

Youth and Entrepreneurship: – In the time of joblessness how to get started, how to get your dreams started when you have no capital and everything about entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Health Education: – As a medical scientist and a doctor in his field he is specialised in provide expert insights on prevention and management of infections especially among the youth.

Career Selection and Development: – How to understand your passions and use it to guide your career selection towards a more happy and fulfilling life.

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