I have been sharing a series on my blog on Steemit about habits that shows you will never be rich and I decided to share it with you because of the reviews its been getting. This article is the the first of many. This is not meant to demean or put down anybody, in fact, it is my hope that you will learn something from this series that will help you in your path to greatness.

Today we are going to discuss an obvious negative trait but please pay attention to this point. It seems so obvious but many people actually fall into this trap without knowing it.

But before we even mention the topic, let’s share a short story.

Once upon a time in a small village of giraffes there was this very powerful family who dictated how events were rolled out in the entire village. Every family was wary at the mention of their name.

During those early days all the giraffes had short necks and food was somewhat abundant everywhere hence there was no need stretching to eat leaves from trees.

One day a stranger walked into the village claiming he was coming from a distant land of giraffes and he was coming to warn them of some changes that was coming. He told them that soon there was going to be great shortage of food and when this time comes only tall giraffes can survive. He also assured them that there was a training they could do to increase their length awaiting the pending future of peril.

Unfortunately the powerful family felt that there was no proof of what ever the stranger was saying and they had the most food in the village so why should they also partake in any training.
They dismissed the news but this didn’t stop some members from joining the stranger for routine exercises. They would go to the outskirts of the village and keep stretching their necks until exhaustion.

Even among the powerful family there was another humble giraffe with a small sub family who decided to heed the warning and join the daily training.

The animals kept laughing at them and calling them names for what they were doing but after a couple of weeks, they started to see results.

Not only were their necks growing longer, their legs also grew alongside. This even made them look awkward in the village. They ignored all the name calling and teasing and stuck to their daily routine until they was a classical difference between them and the rest.

As weeks turned into months there wasn’t yet any sign of what the stranger had told them.

a couple o months later, the rains dwindled and the grown foliage was drying up. These were the early signs of the drought. This brought fear and panic in the village and the powerful family started piling up all the available foliage into stores.

The agreement was that as soon as they ran out of food they will share the stored food for every family that contributed to the stores.
Soon, there was a great famine in the land and the powerful family decided not to fulfill their end of the bargain.

The first giraffes that died from the famine were those that were not part of the powerful family yet chose not to heed the warning earlier.

The tall giraffes kept eating directly from the trees hence they did not feel the famine neither did they need any rations from the powerful family’s stores.

The powerful family also could not survive on the stores and soon begun to die sub family after subfamily when the rations ran out.
They regretted for not heeding the strangers warning but their regret could not buy them longer necks. The taller giraffes tried to feed the shorter ones but it was not sustainable. They begun to do the training the others had done earlier but it was simply too late. Before the next rains came all the short giraffes perished.

The surviving giraffes decided to migrate to a different location and realized a need to chose a leader.
After deliberations, they decided to make the head of the powerful family who heeded the warning their leader….and they lived happily ever after!

Ehmkannde (5).png

You think things are always going to be the way they are today

People who think this way are more likely to resit change even if it becomes obvious the change is happening.

They ask questions in the lines of “why can’t it just be the same?”, “Why are they doing it this way now?” and they are all worked up when they see any changes.
Well, welcome to the 21st century, in this era, the world is constantly changing. The skills that are of use to you today may be useless yet the next day.

Can you believe that just about 30 years ago there was no internet? Unbelievable right?
Just 14 years ago there was nothing like Facebook…the best you could get was a yahoo-mail or you will have to write letters and wait for months for the reply.

These are all changes that are inevitable. The only way to stop changes is to stop time.
I am sure you know what happened to Nokia, the former king of mobile phones.

Can you remember when there wasn’t a phone but Nokia? Nobody thought they was going to be a time when Nokia will ever struggle for market share.

But when change was looming, Nokia resisted. When Samsung and other companies were building smartphones they were still comfortable with their Symbian devices.

Fast forward to today, Nokia is struggling to implement the changes that they should have implemented years back and that was after they sold out to Bill Gates.. Now they have adopted android and other smartphone features but come on, the world have moved on. They have to fight hard to keep up let alone innovate….

At this point in time you need to be connected with the world, be involved with the happenings and make adjustments when necessary as that is the only way you can make it or even maintain the status quo.

As ironical as this may sound it is true, sometimes you have to change in other to remain the same.

The giraffes perished not because they were weak or lazy, they perished because they refused to prepare for change.
Nokia lost its thrown not because the company did not have resources to change, they simply didn’t see the need for change early enough.

When it happens it happens right before your very eyes but you chose to see it or not but always remember that choices have consequences.

Be adaptable and keep connected to the world. Thanks for your attention and see you at the very top.

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