Most people just yield to the belief of a fixed destiny, a fixed path of life which they call fate. This belief generally limits the power of the will. Many others who believe in destiny on religious bases tend to misunderstand what the scriptures say about  destiny. For instance the Bible states in Galatians 6:7

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, this he will also reap”.

The Quran Sura 57 (Al-Hadid) Ayat 14 states that

“They will cry out to them: were we not with you? They shall say yes! but you caused yourselves to fall into temptation and you waited and doubted and vain desires deceived you till the threatened punishment of Allah came, while the archdeceiver deceived you about Allah”

This evidence puts emphasis on the power of the will. Both the Bible and the Quran illustrates that man is the cause of his success or failure. The confusion stems however from how we understand the concept of predestination. From the scriptures especially the Quranic point of view predestination is a concept that God has written down on a preserved tablet all that has will power and destinyhappened and will happen which will come to pass as it was written. It must however be understood that a person’s actions is not caused by what is written but rather the actions are written because God knows it all before we did it. We are humans after all and not robots designed to follow a predefined set of commands without will.

This means we affect our future success or failure?

Do you act instead of reacting? Do you plan or you just live by? Do you use time or you pass time? So many people walk through their days without having any idea as to the purpose of doing it, other than to make a bit of coin and continue living, so that they can do the same thing the next day. Now regardless of whether you like your job or not, if you don’t know what your true purpose in life then you will never reach your own idea of true success.

What is your true purpose?

There is no such thing as a general purpose or definition for success but what you feel within you. No one can define your true purpose for you except yourself. But you can use written guides to help you identify your true purpose.destiny and purposeThere is a concept that presupposes that your true purpose is the intersection of what you love to do, what you are good at, that which you can be paid for and that which will benefit the world. Your duty is to find that and develop your plan around it because it is the most likely thing to help you achieve your own kind of success and satisfaction.


With a true purpose comes extra energy

As evident from the perspective of will power, to reap is to sow! You must  be ready to put in the efforts if you are ready to achieve the planned. I believe in cause and effect. To be successful you must do what is needed to cause the success. Whether your goal is to run a highly successful business, or build a great relationship with your family there are things you need to do every day. After all, little drops make the mighty oceans. 

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