This article was intended for Maccasio as rap sensational of the north but the theme took a twist when I tried to get info on him from Google. I typed in Maccasio and all I saw was comparisons after comparisons so I decided to analyse why I think Maccasio can be the next Best New Artiste of the Year.
I want to  clarify the theme of this article before we go into the work of the Rap king Maccasio. In my earlier article about on Fancy Gadam, I wrote a lot about the VGMAs and what it seeks to represent.

The VGMAs does not award anyone base on regional inclinations neither do they award base on the language in which one sings. I say this not oblivious of the perception surrounding this awards scheme in connection with the Northern-Southern divide. I would say these perceptions are misconceptions that come as a result of low appreciation of the concept of branding.

The VGMAs like any other venture seeks more publicity as they help in hyping artists. Branding is like money, no one ever gets enough. This concept shows that Charter House won’t throw their weight on an artist unless they are certain that the said artist has enough fan base and credibility to sell the image they aim to be known by. The award scheme is a business adventure, it is an investment and the investors seek to rip the benefits of their investments. If you want to win it, you have to worth it.

So can the north produce two Best New Artiste of the Year consecutively?

Yes!                                                                                                                                                                   But only if the Northern artists deserve that! It should be clear from this point that the awards are not based on any regional inclinations. The apparent bias toward southern base artist is due to the fact that Charter house have it as a mission to represent the public opinion as much as possible. So a northern based artist has to do a little more in other to get their attention because of several reasons and the obvious one being the relatively smaller northern population.

It will be safe to say that nearly 98% of Tele media is in the south especially in Accra. In addition,  the number of radio stations in the whole of Northern region will barely make 5% of those in Accra alone. This analysis should clarify in the mind of any music fan the obstacles the Northern musician has to overcome to be recognised nationwide.

Now let’s meet the Rappers’ Jack Maccasio
Maccasio sitting with a laptop computer


Known popularly by his stage name ‘Maccasio’ Sherif Abdul Majeed is a Tamale based artist with an extraordinary talent and skills of rocking the stage. Initially it would have been safe to call him a rapper but his versatility makes it difficult now to classify him. He has produced exceptionally captivating hit songs with no single line of rap. Among them are the famous ‘Ninsala’ track and his rather controversial ‘Bohasi’ hit song.

Why are we talking about Maccasio?

If you are a follower of Northern music I need not explain to you why Maccasio would win the Best New Artiste of the Year if he is nominated. If not for the reasons stated in the earlier paragraphs we would have been discussing more categories aside this, considering his exceptional talent.

“Maccasio often raps in his native language, Dagbani, but he is also known to be a versatile rapper with the ability to mix it with terms in English and the MOST popular Twi language.”

From a humble beginning Maccasio broke into the Northern music scene when he launched his debut album “Boussu” in March 2014, which reigned consistently in the three Northern Regions. He followed it with his second, and perhaps most popular album, “Oshihila Nkpe” in 2015. It was at the event at the Picona Gardens that showed him the extent of the love people have for him and his music. It was at this time the social media comparisons begun. Many Northern music enthusiasts would like to believe that the rivalry that started between him and Fancy Gadam was the beginning of the golden age of Northern music.

Maccasio stunned the whole Nation when he filled the Tamale Sports Stadium with his the launching of his third studio album “Ninsala” on the 19th August, 2017. It was reported that nealy 20,000 music lovers were present during the launching. He has also on several occasions shared stage with several big artists such as Samini, Stoneboy and VVIP. His fans call him the trend setter, the rappers jack.

maccasio in a moving vehicle surrounded by fans

Flotation prior to his recent album launch on the principal streets of Tamale

Maccasio’s popularity made him the Giant malt ambassador for the three Northern regions. He has a staggering size of fan base and still wining more with the recent exhibition of his versatility.
I would like to state emphatically that Maccasio’s chances of winning the Best New Artiste of the Year rest solely on whether he is nominated. If not due to the impediments of being a Northern musician we would not be discussion new discovery now considering his talent, work rate and fan base.

Is Maccasio qualified to be nominated?

Clearly from the analysis it should be clear to you now that even for the nature of the Northern-Southern divide in the music industry, Maccasio remains an outstanding candidate for the award. If one takes a candid look at the candidates that were nominated last year for the said award, you would realise Maccasio has a bigger influence than most of them.
There is no much qualification criteria presented by the organisers of award scheme with regards to nominations except the work for which an artist is being nominated should have been done within the calendar year prior to the awards. Maccasio’s ‘Ninsala’ album has enough hit and penetration to get him on the ballot of the VGMAs for the said category.



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