The Ghana Music Awards (GMA) is an annual event that was established in 2000 by Charter House Productions to celebrate Ghanaian Musicians. The event was initially sponsored by MTN Ghana for 12 years running until 2011 when Vodafone Ghana took over sponsorship which saw to the renaming of the event to Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). This looks into why Fancy Gadam (Northern based musician) will win Artist of the year if nominated.

The VGMA is apparently the biggest entertainment event as it said on their website

“It is arguably the Biggest, Most anticipated, Most patronised and Most significant Entertainment event on the Ghanaian Social calendar.”

This means that the management of the event strives to ensure that the award scheme is well represented nationwide at the same time representing public opinion and the opinion of industry leaders as much as possible.

However, since the inception of the awards, rarely any musician based in any of the three northern regions of Ghana has won in any of the major categories. This led to widespread believe among the northern part of Ghana that they are not part of the event. They feel Chatter House Productions have intentionally ignored the northern based musicians even though they are also doing great work.

Inspired by this, in 2015 the Northern Music Awards (NMA) was established and had their maiden event with objectives to help raise the northern music standards to the national level. This seeks to beat down on the objectives of the VGMA to represent the entire nation.

Fancy Gadam perfoms

Fancy Gadam at the Northern Music Awards

The narrative begun to change when a northern based musician Fancy Gadam was nominated in the Best New Artiste of the Year category in the 2017 event. This led to a widespread excitement from the supporters of the northern based sensational but remained a shock to most observers from the southern parts.

As expected, Gadam had a massive support from his fans and well wishers during the nominee voting process. The excitement however culminated when he was pronounced the ultimate winner of the category. As there was widespread celebration back home for the achievement the news receive some disapproval from followers of the southern based musicians who were contesting in the same category prominent among whom were Medical, Ebony and Rudebwoy Ranking.

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