The eligibility for a VGMA award is for the work of the Artist to have been released within the calendar year. The public have 40% and the remaining 60% split between VGMA board and Academy in the voting process hence the public votes has a lot to say in deciding who wins in any of the category.

Aside the fact that Fancy Gadam have had so many hit songs so far recorded this year, he also enjoys  hooping support from the northern regions of the country. This massive support played a huge part in helping him win the Best New Artist of the year 2017.

Fancy Gadam and Sarkodie

Fancy Gadam and Sarkodie

At the 2017 event, the rap sensational, Sarkodie, mentioned his collaboration with Fancy Gadam when he announced him the winner of the award. This inspired a nationwide anticipation for the said track because he didn’t mention any details.

“ I was once the ‘Best New Artist ‘ winner” adding that “and the award goes to someone I have a song with… Fancy Gadam ”. Sarkodie

This started a controversy as to whom the song belonged and the fact that the artist was not well known on the national fronts  made the news go viral. The topic was discussed everywhere on the Ghanaian social front. The anticipation for the said track peaked when Fancy Gadam announced on Joy news that the song was titled ‘total cheat’ during his interaction with the host after the award night. The collaboration became an immediate hit  when it was released along  a hot music video directed by David Nicol-sey.

Just today as I was writing this I read a pop up that says Fancy GadamTotal cheat’ is the number one song on urban radio 

While it was the new sound in town down north, it was making hits in south as well. The music video had over 200,000 views on YouTube   in just a month after its release. This was followed by a concert in Kumasi on the 26th of August by Fancy Gadam and the attendance amazed everyone. On the 9th of  September, the Best New Artist of the Year filled the Tamale Sports Stadium during the music video luanching with Sarkodie.

Fancy Gadam Video Launch in Tamale Sports Stadium

Fancy Gadam Video Launch in Tamale Sports Stadium

Fancy Gadam would win best collaboration, hip-life song and artist of the year if nominated for the 2018 VGMAs and his collaboration with Sarkodie ‘Total Cheat’ has the potential to get him there. The spotlight on him after winning the award coupled with his work so far is enough to get him nominated for the artist of the year 2018.

After winning the ‘New Act’, he won a corporate award for creative arts (music category) and was also appointed a National Ambassador for tourism and he has been nominated again by L.E.A.D series for influence the public positively with his work.

So why does he have a greater chance of winning in the categories mention in nominated?

  • He is the biggest northern musician at the moment and arguably ever. This means a huge percentage of votes that would come from the 3 northern regions will go in his favour.
  • He presents a chance for Charter House Productions to restore the trust of northerners in the VGMA. As said in part 1 of this article, the awards have been widely perceived to have ignored the work of the northern musicians and at the moment only Fancy Gadam has the proven record to break the long streak of southern domination of the award scheme. This may win the artist votes from the VGMA board and academy to complement the public votes.
  •  His track with part 1 has placed him in the national front and the track can be heard from every part of the country. This will win him votes from the southern sector as well. Over the couple of months, lots of prominent personalities in the entertainment front including Hammer of Last two have endorsed Fancy Gadam as the man of the moment.

Check part 1 of the article.

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