Zainab Mumuni calls on a ‘finish hard’ support in the 2017 Ghana most beautiful contest. They were 10, now they are 4, who wears the crown -the 2017 Grand Finale of the TV3 Ghana Most Beautiful is here again.

I remember when I was younger and use to think that the Ghana Most Beautiful contestants were people imported from God knows where.

Today our very own is up there and she is calling for support to finish hard. She needs your support to wear the crown.

It was just weeks back when the Dakpema of Tamale presented Zainab for support and charged her to bring home the crown. Now she is at the grand Finale and calling for your final support to win the ultimate prize.zainab holding traditional pedal

Her name is Zeinab Mumuni, daughter of Mole-Dagbon. She is a Level 400 Development education student of the University for Development Studies. Mumuni Zeinab is 23 years old and her ambition is to unite Ghana, promote the beautiful culture in the atmosphere of peace and prosperity in order to achieve developmental goals.Zainab at the GMB

The first and only time a participant of the Northern Region won the GMB was in  2009. That was Nasara Abdul Rauf. Eight years later, in the 10th edition, Hiba, was crowned the first runner-up. since then the Region is yet to win again and Zainab is here.

The pictures speak louder than the words, just text Zainab to the short code 1413 to all networks. Don’t postpone, do it now. The finale is on 19th of November. Text now to see her wear the crown.


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